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Drupal 101 - Learn the Fundamentals of building a Website with Drupal in a day

A 1-day interactive hands-on certificate course, led by a practicing Drupal expert, followed by 4 weeks of online coaching. You will learn to create and deploy powerful, scalable and secure websites with zero coding experience.

This course is ideal for:

  • Anyone keen on creating websites. No programming or web design experience needed
  • Web designers assessing content management systems
  • HR Managers and Department Heads looking to upgrade their workforce's information technology skills

    Course Outline:

    Spread over the course of one day, our course is the perfect stepping stone into the world of rapid web development with Drupal CMS. Learn the basics of this powerful CMS, its core features, content management and creation, interactive modules, forums, blogs, contact forms, site configuration and more.

    Course Points:

    About Drupal

    Learn about Drupal's application and usage and how it has impacted website building. What is Drupal, history, application, usage. 7 vs 8. Drupal vs other CMS. Flat File Sites vs Database Driven Sites

    Setup and Config

    Set up and Configure your first Drupal site and explore its core features. Basic site setup from theme packages. Understanding the Admin menu. Site configuration. IP Address Blocking. Maintenance Mode. Region & Language Settings, Account Settings.

    Content Features

    Content Types, Creation, Management along with roles, permissions and taxonomy. Pages, Blogs, Articles. Empty front page module. Content types and fields, Clean URLs.

    Modules + Themes

    Understanding the Core Modules + Installing community modules. Theme Installation and more.

    Additional Features

    Blogs, Articles, Polls, Forums, Search Config, Node Publishing Options, Blocks, Regions, User Roles and Permissions, Contact Forms

    Best Practices

    A complete checklist before launching your Drupal website. Page Cache, Performance boosts, Broken Links, Cron Jobs, Site Reports and more.

    Meet your Speaker:

    Amit Bhowmik is a seasoned web development professional with over 15 years of global industry experience. He has worked as a web and content solutions provider for some of the world's biggest companies.

    What you will get after the course:

    Unlike other programs, this course has follow up coaching of 4 weeks included for FREE. This aims to strengthen the basics you learned in class. PLUS, you will be awarded a Certification of completion.

  • “Hand holding” via email when you have questions.
  • A system of accountability to help you stay on track.
  • Two practical assignments spread over two weeks.
  • Step-by-step ‘to dos’ weekly for you to build on your knowledge.
  • Self-paced path for you to create your own feature rich website.

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